Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms! You are entering a world where magic meets steam powered technology and combat is a part of every day life. Where giant steam powered robots belch black clouds of coal induced smoke and the dead are brought back to be used as mindless soldiers. There is turmoil in the Iron Kingdoms and it is on you to do what you need to do in order to survive.

Below you will find important gaming information. This may be updated periodically.

SETTING: In the northern tip of Cygnar, where the Dragon’s Tongue river and Black River meet, you will find the city of Corvis. Corvis is a central hub of trade between multiple kingdoms as it connects the realm via the river system. It also is the location where the main road from Cygnar leads to Ord and Llael.

It was also where the Crovis treaty was designed after driving the Orgoth from the land. This treaty decided how to divide the realm into it’s various regions.


FEAT POINTS: As a general rule: any entities (steamjack or otherwise) that a character controls that are eligible to get a Feat Point, but cannot use it themselves, automatically give that feat point to their controller.

AMMO: I WILL be making you keep track of ammo. Shit be expensive, and you not tracking it makes riflemen and other gunslingers unfairly good.

ACTION DESCRIPTIONS: I like things that are dumb. I like things that are hilarious. I like the games I run to be cinematic and awesome. To help make this happen I will be taking a page from Exalted: if a character describes his action really well, at GM discretion I will award a positive modifier to your attack, damage, or both. Attempting extra silly and dumb things may also net you a bonus, purely because of how hilariously awesome they are. This does NOT mean that you will not also have penalties – but the bonuses might help offset some or all of the problems associated with wall jumps and the like.

PRE-MEASURING: This is not Warmachine. This is an RPG, where we like to imagine that the characters are more badass and have a pretty solid understanding of the space they are fighting in. You can measure anything on the table at any time for any reason.

GROUP COMMUNICATION: The FaceBook group is intended to be used as an open forum for discussion, planning, and resource storage. Obsidian Portal is going to be used for tracking more or less everything in game. Things like characters, group information, and journal entries.

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